Without Chris, our collaborative divorce would not have worked.

9 Jan 2018

My wife of 17 years and I wanted a collaborative divorce. It was a big transition – she was a stay-at-home-mom and had to go back to work for the first time in years – and we had to create separate living situations and set everything up to be financially sustainable. Chris was great about keeping focused on our two kids and doing what was best for them. The collaborative process requires good communication and collaboration; without Chris, the process would not have worked. He is particularly strong at managing the emotions of everyone involved and served as a sounding board and voice of reason when we hit roadblocks. It has worked out better than I expected, and Chris’ guidance and professionalism is a huge part of that. I am now in a much better place, my kids are healthy and adjusting, and we are able to move on because of the work he did. I will be forever grateful for making such a good choice to hire Chris during this process. I don’t  wish anyone to go through it, but if you must I highly recommend hiring Chris if you can.