Chris was always in my corner.

3 Jan 2019

Chris was always in my corner. Working with him was a collaborative process, where he took the time to sit down, actually listen to my situation, and understand what I wanted to accomplish. He was great about contacting me regularly and keeping me up to date with any new information that arose. He was excellent about knowing what I wanted—when it came to my child custody case, I wanted advice from the rest of my family members because I value their opinion. Chris was intent on primarily listening to me and making sure my family members didn’t overpower me. The pre-agreed pricing approach to me, was genius. A set price while getting the job done made things so much easier. We thought that our case would take longer, but since it was quicker than anticipated, Chris even lowered my pre-agreed price. If there’s anything I love more than the pre-agreed pricing approach, it’s the fact that Chris lowered it!