Divorce and child custody cases can be complicated and take months and sometimes years to complete. When you pay by the hour, you can’t help but watch the clock and wonder how much every meeting, phone call, or interaction will cost.


Evolution’s unique pre-agreed pricing structure establishes an agreed-upon price for your case up front, allowing you to focus on reaching the next phase of your life, your work, and your family – without having to worry about a future bill.

Your first meeting

First, we’ll sit down to discuss your needs. From there, I will determine what your case might look like, and set a price for your particular matter. Sometimes, this may require more than one meeting.

Determining the price

Instead of charging for my time, I bill for the value that I offer. I’ve handled hundreds of cases similar to yours, and have deep experience in the details of divorce and child custody.

To arrive at a price requires learning more about your situation and pulling from my knowledge. I may also foresee issues that could come down the road, changes that could cause the initial price to change. I will present and explain a price for my services within one to three business days of our last initial meeting, if not at the meeting itself.

Simple cases vs. Complex cases

In many cases, a separation agreement may handle all the legal requirements to separate. No court or judge necessary.

More complex divorce cases – spousal disagreements, abuse or abandonment, or financial complexities – will require more application of my knowledge and experience. Cases that go to court may require a different price than negotiating a separation agreement. Years of experience in family law give me a sense of how long your case will take and the potential issues associated with your particular matter.

What if things change?

In some cases, situations change for a number of reasons, particularly if your spouse or other parent wants to go to court and not negotiate an agreement. When significant changes to the original plan occur, whatever they may be, we may need to adjust course, which may require not only a change to the original plan but also to the original price.

You be the judge.

The Evolution Service Pledge

Evolution Divorce is committed to exceptional client service.
If I don’t provide a high-level of service – good enough to earn your referral to others – then I will provide you with the opportunity to adjust your final payment.

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