I’ve always been wary of hourly rates, so Chris’ pricing gave me peace of mind.

26 Jun 2020
Like some people seeking a divorce, Bill tried to self-file and handle the process himself. But a few small errors delayed his case by several months, which later cost him thousands in monthly expenses. After giving up trying to do it on his own, a quick Google search led him to Evolution.
At the initial meeting, founding attorney Chris Macturk reviewed Bill’s documents from the self-filing attempts. “He was straightforward and explained the process in plain terms,” Bill says. He was also relieved to hear Evolution charges a fixed fee. “I’ve always been wary of hourly rates,” he says, “so Chris’ pricing gave me peace of mind.”
By Bill’s estimates, had he reached out to Chris and the Evolution team first as opposed to self-filing, he would have saved thousands in additional monthly obligations as required by the settlement agreement. “I highly recommend going the Evolution route,” he says.